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U.S. to add citizenship question in 2020 Census: Commerce Dept

Citizenship Question to be Included in 2020 Census

Opponents of a Census question about citizenship status say it could further discourage immigrants from participating in the count, especially when they are already fearful of how information could be used against them.

U.S. Income Surges, but Women, Minorities Remain Behind

U.S. Income Surges, but Women, Minorities Remain Behind

2015 saw an increase in median household income for whites, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, the newest report from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed, the highest increase being among Hispanic households. According to the report, 2015 saw an additional estimated 3.3 million people with earnings over 2014, regardless of work experience. All households saw a 5.2 …

Where Is the Diversity in Police Departments?

Recent analyses of Census data indicate that a lack of diversity exists in police departments around the country.

Schools will have a student body that is mostly non-white this year.

Back to School … and Most Students Aren’t White

U.S. public schools hit a milestone. What percentage of students this year are white?

Racial Demographics Map of the United States

Diversity & Inclusion Milestone: More Than Half of U.S. Babies Are Black, Latino & Asian

Diversity and inclusion will benefit from the latest Census Bureau report on the race/ethnicity of babies. What will the future workforce look like, and how can your company ensure an inclusive environment?