Prudential: What Might Life Be Like for the 80-Year-Old Millennial?

Prudential's landmark study on millennials provides answers.

How will our world change? Will technology become more disruptive or just a part of life?

A study that imagines what’s ahead

Partnering with Kantar Consulting, a leading global foresight and futures consultancy, Prudential (No. 15 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) enlisted futurists in tech, transportation, education, entrepreneurship, and aging. With their input, the company compiled questions for the study. The 1,000 Millennials polled helped to understand and anticipate the needs and challenges they’ll face in 50 years.

Great changes are coming in work, technology, and healthcare

As America’s most educated generation, Millennials possess unlimited potential to pursue their dreams and opportunities. But in examining future scenarios, Millennials report anxiety and vulnerability about the future in general and, specifically, the future they and their kids may face.

Pessimistic about things Boomers and Gen Xers take for granted

Things like economic growth and opportunity, being financially better off than previous generations, the employer-employee contract and retirement, social stability and access to quality higher education. For example, nearly 80% of Millennials believe “people will no longer be able to retire comfortably in the future.” A sobering outlook indeed.

Millennials anticipate many changes in work and career

Almost two-thirds surveyed agree “traditional full-time employment will largely disappear and freelancers will make up 75% or more of the U.S. workforce.” At the same time, 68% of Millennials believe the main purpose of work will remain “to earn enough money to live how you want.” Not the stereotypical view of Millennials putting purpose above profit.

Yet some are more positive about the potential changes

Hispanic Millennials are universally positive about the road ahead in work, health and technology. As a young and growing group, they see many possibilities ahead and are forging their path. Millennial men are also more bullish on the future promises of technology. They see it influencing their lives positively—from relationships to transportation and more.

Click here to download the complete study, “The 80-Year-Old Millennial.”

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