Black Student Poisoned By White Roommate Says There Was No #JusticeForJazzy

“Where’s the punishment for the crime?” Jazzy Rowe, who still suffers mentally and physically thanks to the abuse, said in a recent interview.


Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe spoke about her life after being terrorized and poisoned by her ex-roommate, former University of Hartford student Brianna Brochu. Brochu will serve 200 community service hours and be placed on probation after physically and emotionally traumatizing Rowe when the pair lived together.

Rowe did not object to Brochu’s punishment at a sentencing hearing, leading people to believe she supported the decision and forgave Brochu. But despite media reports implying as such, Rowe set the record straight in an interview with Blavity.

“Where’s the punishment for the crime?” she asked, saying that there was no #JusticeForJazzy, referring to the hashtag that went viral after her story hit headlines.

“I don’t forgive her. She has no remorse. The reports about her lawyer apologizing to me on her behalf are untrue. Her lawyer never apologized to me and she never apologized to me. I got no apology whatsoever. They didn’t even look at me,” said Rowe.

Rowe still suffers from what Brochu did to her — physically and mentally.

“I was on a really strong antibiotic to get rid of [bacteria] and that also has a lot of side effects,” she explained. “I have to be treated with this strength of antibiotic, for now on, for the slightest sickness I may feel. I’m able to take on a job now. I have to take medication. I lost a lot of weight and we’re working on that getting it back. This has affected my mental health to the point I’m not sleeping at night. I see a psychologist once a week and take long-term meds for that, too.”

Rowe did not initially believe Brochu’s behavior was racially motivated. But she did think race played a role in “how things were being handled.”

“But when I observed who she hung out with, the people she associated with on social media to bash me they were all white,” she recalled.

The West Hartford police had asked prosecutors to include a charge of intimidation based on bigotry or bias against Brochu. Prosecutors denied this request.

“The prosecutor said based on their investigation and interviews (of all white people) and because she doesn’t use racial slurs or anything it doesn’t classify as a hate crime –even though she referred to my ethnicity, it is not a racial slur,” Rowe said.

Brochu referred to Rowe as “Jamaican Barbie” in an Instagram post in which she bragged about what she did to harass Rowe.

Rowe knew Brochu was eligible for the rehab program at the time of the sentencing and therefore didn’t protest it, but she still does not believe the punishment is fair.

“Even though [Brochu] was eligible for the rehab program and everyone knew she would get it, we had some request[s] for her to do in addition to the rehab program and probation. One of them was for her to volunteer and serve in a civil rights or nonprofit organization so she could learn about the struggles of Black or oppressed people,” Rowe shared. “The judge told her she could do community service wherever she chose — like she could tutor kids in her own neighborhood.”

She believes the judge “had no choice” in giving Brochu such a light sentence because she was eligible for the program. But if the racial roles were reversed she wonders if it would have been different.

“Yes, I feel like if I was [white] and she was [Black] she would have gotten a real punishment. I feel like what they gave her was child’s play. It’s frustrating. She gets to go on with her life unaffected and unpunished for what she’s done to me, and I have to go on with my life affected — and punished by what she’s done to me.”

When asked about her next steps, Rowe said she is trying to move forward.

“I hope to be cleared by the doctors so I can return to school by next spring. I’m working to cover these medical bills. I hope to be less guarded moving forward,” she said.

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  • The perpetrator should pay your medical bills . Black People are frowned upon when they rightfully sue . Listen to me “ SUE “ !!!!!

  • Lauri Sue Robertson

    Well, unless she changes her name, she’s always going to live with the stigma and shame of being a creepy jerk. She didn’t get much physical punishment, but I can’t imagine going through life being known as the disgusting slug who poisoned her roommate with her tampons!! She’s going to ruin her schooling and I think she’ll have a very hard time getting employed. Prospective bosses search the ‘net when they interview, and this pig (she even looks like one!) will get ‘outed’ every time!

    • In some parts of the country , she’d be hailed as a Marter and a Hero ! We know this . I’m sure that a lot of those “ Good Folks “ Do things like that . It’s been highly documented. Some do it in fast food restaurants. It always perplexed me when we say that the perpetrators should get a pass because “ They’re Just Boys being Boys “ ! In this case “ Girls being Girls “ . People that don’t harbor Hate , don’t do things like that and would never think to do it , let alone , plot and succeed at it . This act went on for quite some time. This young lady was totally unassuming that this horrific act was being done to her ! She will forever suffer both mentally and physically because of this horrible act . The perpetrator being Outed is not Justice ! Image if the rolls were reversed !

  • NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!! This is not fair to Jazzy…If she was the one doing this to her roommate she would be locked up! Take the advice SUE her, the family and the school!!!

  • Charity Dell

    SUE, Girl, SUE! The money you collect can be used
    to fund your college and graduate education! Getting
    money from a lawsuit is GOOD THERAPY and a

  • Jazzy was too busy absolving her tormenter of her crimes and now she’s acting outraged about the outcome. As the victim, if you think you deserve justice you had better fight for it. If the perpetrator didn’t apologize after what she had done to you I would not have agreed to any resolution that didn’t include a more severe punishment.

    • I think you’re making a good point. The “they go low, we go high” advice simply doesn’t work. They go low, kick them where it hurts. They stand up, grab them by the throat – legally, no need to get yourself in trouble over garbage.

      • This is EXTREMELY hard for me. I’ve raised three daughters; one who we call Jazzy as well. Unsure that bigot would have gotten away with ANYTHING.

        • Make them hurt. Hurt bad. Expulsion, losing a job, public internet humiliation. Take a page from their book and behave accordingly. No mercy (do it legally). It won’t change how they think, but it will change how they behave. And two other creeps will change their behavior from observation.

          Remember, although the slow movers among white people are feeling their trump muscles right now, he lost by 3 million votes in an election where 10% fewer Democrats voted because of Hillary’s tone-deaf campaign. And I doubt any bookie is taking bets on the orange fraud serving his full term. “We” (Black, Latino, progressive whites) are in the majority now. Let’s start acting like it.

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