Gun Control Won’t Happen Because of Profit-driven Racism

NRA propaganda whipping up fear of Black and Latino people for gun industry profits is behind crazy permissive gun laws.


Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 18 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

Students from the Florida high school where 17 people were shot to death are all over the news today, but history tells us that the public reaction to the most recent massacre will go away in a few weeks. This is why the NRA keeps quiet.

The Parkview massacre is related to the massacre that happens every day in predominantly Black and Latino inner cities in one key way: gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA, have made sure that this country is awash with millions of weapons, many illegal and many more that should be illegal.

Gang members in inner cities don’t use pistols or assault rifles stolen from grandpa’s attic. They have the latest weapons and ammunition. How? Straw sales. Weapons are distributed to gun stores where they are purchased legally by people who then sell the weapons illegally to the people who sell them to the gangs.

The simplest way to achieve the “well-regulated” militia specified in the Second Amendment is to hold firearms and ammunition manufacturers responsible for their chain of sale. It would be a very easy thing to trace serial numbers to gun shops where the last legal sale occurred. If the manufacturers were liable, they would fix this overnight by not selling weapons to gun stores that are known outlets for straw sales. Ammunition could be barcoded and tracked similarly.

The Republican Congress, however, has moved in the opposite direction, passing laws that protect gun manufacturers from lawsuits.

American massacres with legally purchased guns have one common theme – large capacity magazines. I am a veteran, I earned an expert pistol medal and I am a master rated rifleman. From that perspective I can tell you no American needs a magazine with more than a five-round capacity. Today, I can go to the store and buy an AR-15 with a 100-round drum magazine and a bump stock (making the AR an automatic weapon, which was used in the Las Vegas massacre). All I need is my Florida driver’s license. Lunacy.

It would be easy to enforce a law against large capacity magazines, even though there are millions of them in circulation right now. In New Jersey, if you cause an accident where people are hurt and you have no car insurance, you go to jail immediately. Same thing should happen for possession of large capacity magazines. Go to jail for 30 days. Immediately.

Many people have no idea how we got here or why we’re seemingly stuck.

Money and racism is the answer. If you compare weapons manufacturing with the number of legal weapons owners, there’s a gap. The gap is those weapons that end up being sold to gang members and other criminals. It’s hundreds of millions of dollars a year. There’s more money to be made – our country has come a long way since police carried six-round revolvers – police are militarized, every Podunk police department has a SWAT team. More hundreds of millions of dollars are being made selling military capable weapons to fight the 50-year-old racist (and failed) war on drugs. Billions more in annual sales.

Further, the NRA specializes in creating propaganda to whip up fear – fear of Black and Latino marauders. This is what’s behind their support of Trump. Trump’s hate speech against every minority group feeds right into the fears of scared racist white people who are the president’s core 35 percent support. A perfect circular partnership.

Meanwhile, over 80 percent of white people are killed by other white people.

It is racism that feeds both desire for guns and refusal to enact logical gun control. And racism is responsible for the massacre of inner city citizens and students in leafy suburbs.

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  • How can you identify which congress person accepts money from gun lobbyists? I would like to know who gets money from them and how much they have received during their time in office.

  • A reader emailed me this comment:

    For whatever reason I cannot post to your website. I get flagged as
    spam. Your article regarding gun bans is flawed. You state no one
    needs more than 5 rd magazine. 2A was not created so we could have
    sport. It was created to allow citizens a way to fight against a
    tyrannical government. You can ban all guns. That just means only
    criminals will have them. Prohibition didn’t work. It spawned modern
    organized crime. War on drugs has not worked. It has spawned a huge
    underground and increased crime. Its a slippery slope when you start
    to dismantle the Bill of Rights. Once one is gone the rest are fair
    game. The way to stop these school shootings is to allow school
    employees that are inclined to do so to exercise their Second
    Amendment rights. Its a proven fact that criminals look for soft

    • The second amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      In the era in which this was written, the militia included all able-bodied men under 55. Military rifles were stored in the armories along with the gun powder and bullets. Well regulated.

      In 1775, several well regulated local militia units near Boston elected rebel Colonels. The British marched a column of soldiers out of Boston to seize those armories. Rebel gunman (British citizens) attacked the British column and killed many soldiers – had they not panicked, chances are they would’ve killed them all.

      Lexington was the birth of the American revolution.

      Well regulated. 30 years ago reasonable gun registration laws could’ve been passed. But now the cat is out of the bag – in the last 10 years, roughly 150,000,000 guns have been sold in the US. Cruz bought 10. Our country is completely out of control, the numbers show that we are killing ourselves and each other because of all these guns. It is time to have a well regulated militia. Well regulated.

      • Luke, please don’t change your server settings if it keeps people like this person going to Spam. If left up to this person, we’d all have guns and no laws. Another true Trumphead!

  • Luke, you have some good points. A question for you on how this “high capacity magazine, go to jail” program would work. Since some of these items were possibly purchased legally, would the government buy them back from those individuals? I am not talking about paying for those empty single-use bazooka tubes, but actual law-abiding citizens trying to do the right thing, and being treated fairly. I just hate the idea of legal assets unilaterally being turned into liabilities without compensation. There is a precedent for this in other areas, like highly subsidized HDTV antennas when analog signals were taken back into the government’s spectrum. Phasing functionality out over the normal lifetime of a product would also be an idea, like cooling systems using R-12 refrigerant was phased out over years, but the lifecycle of a gun can be very long, when well maintained.

    Keep pressing for a constructive dialogue and search for true solutions that can be supported by most involved.

  • Thank you for FINALLY putting something in the news addressing what this latest shooting is really about. There would not have been a “circular listening session” at the white house has this happened to an inner city school. And can anyone even IMAGINE the backlash if Obama had suggested arming teachers and security guards to protect minority students in a less affluent part of the country? Never would have been tolerated and certainly not with (white) tax payer dollars. This country cares more about money and instruments of war over education, the arts, human rights and certainly more than children. We just pretend to care when a sound bite is strongly suggestive and mistaken for compassion.

    • The federal government spends more on nuclear weapons than tertiary education.

      Today, more people will shoot themselves than Parkland and Sandy Hook added together. IN ADDITION, Since the Parkland Shooting, another 240 Americans were killed by a gun.

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