Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: Latino Immigrants Made Town ‘Volatile’ for White People

"Before you start calling anyone bigoted, how would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood?" Carlson said.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a segment on his show this week discussing a recent piece in National Geographic on how white people feel left behind because of demographic shifts in Hazleton, Pa., a former coal-mining town.

Carlson, who is becoming the network’s faithful defender of President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, lamented the “bewildering” pace of demographic changes “without any real public debate on the subject.”

He conveniently left out the part where the magazine states the town was “slipping into decline until a wave of Latinos arrived.”

Carlson began, “In the year 2000, Hazleton’s population was 2 percent Hispanic. Just 16 years later, Hazleton is majority Hispanic. That’s a lot of change.

“People who grew up in Hazleton found out that they can’t communicate with the people who now live there. And that’s bewildering for people.

“That’s happening all over the country. No nation, no society has ever changed this much this fast.

“Before you start calling anyone bigoted, consider and be honest, how would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood?” he asked his viewers.

“It doesn’t matter how nice these immigrants are. They probably are nice; most immigrants are nice. That’s not the point. This is more change than human beings are designed to digest.

“This pace of change makes societies volatile, really volatile, just as ours has become volatile.”

According to a 2016 New York Times report, because Trump “has denigrated immigrants repeatedly, at times without distinguishing between legal and illegal immigration,” residents opposed to the demographic change in Hazleton clung on to his rhetoric.

“Donald Trump’s position on illegal immigration plays a big role in his support not only in Hazleton but in northeast Pennsylvania,” said Lou Barletta, a Republican who represents the region in Congress.

Latinos continue to move to Hazleton from larger cities like New York and Paterson, N.J.

Jamie Longazel, a professor of sociology at the University of Dayton who grew up just outside Hazleton, told the Times that the “Hispanic ascendance emerged from seismic economic shifts.”

“When the local coal mines began to close in the 1950s, Hazleton residents raised money to build an industrial park that attracted factories to the region,” the Times reports. “When the factories began to leave in the 1990s, the city mobilized again.

“Local officials won state permission to create one of Pennsylvania’s largest tax-free Keystone Opportunity Zones. A Cargill meat processing and distribution plant arrived in 2001. Other distribution businesses have followed, including an warehouse.”

And, “many residents claim that city officials advertised for low-cost immigrant labor on billboards in New York or New Jersey,” but Longazel said that claim hasn’t been validated. He said the reality is “native-born folks” didn’t want the low-paying jobs offered.

“The new jobs don’t pay as much as the old jobs did, and the reality is that native-born folks were just not interested,” Longazel said.

Who Is Carlson Trying to Influence with His Anti-Immigration Rant?

Not surprisingly, 60 percent of Fox News viewers describe themselves as conservative, compared with 23 percent who say they are moderate and 10 percent who are liberal. The average age of a Fox News viewer last year was 65 and they were predominately white males, according to Nielsen research.

But Carlson is also appealing to younger white, conservatives.

In 2017, for cable programs in the 18-49 demographic, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” earned 355,000 viewers, reports Deadline. It comes second to Sean Hannity’s show on Fox, which tied Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program for the year’s top spot in the younger demo — 417K viewers.

Carlson, who has been said to mainstream white nationalism, may be appealing to the ilk of Richard Spencer and others who carried Tiki torches at a rally on the University of Virginia campus last year chanting, “You will not replace us.”

In January, Carlson interviewed Canadian pundit Mark Steyn, who defended white supremacists.

“The white supremacists are American citizens,” Steyn said. “The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.”

Asians Largest Immigrant Group by 2055

Carlson makes reference to “reckless immigration policies” alluding to the belief that undocumented immigrants, especially Spanish-speaking immigrants, are overtaking the country. But the origin of the increase in immigrant populations goes back decades.

As a result of Congress passing the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965, immigrants and their descendants have fueled the U.S. population. The law replaced the national origins quota system with a seven-category preference system emphasizing family reunification and skilled immigrants, which increased immigration from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

According to the Pew Research Center, most immigrants (76 percent) are in the country legally, while a quarter are unauthorized. In 2015, 44 percent were naturalized U.S. citizens.

Carlson emphasized the increase of the Latino population around the country, but the increase in Asian immigrants is about the same. In 2015, 11.6 million immigrants living in the U.S. were from Mexico, accounting for 27 percent of all U.S. immigrants. However, by region of birth, immigrants from South and East Asia combined accounted for 27 percent of all immigrants, a share equal to that of Mexico.

Between 2007 and 2015, the number of Mexican immigrants decreased by more than 1 million. Following the Great Recession, immigration from Latin America slowed, particularly from Mexico.

“By race and ethnicity, more Asian immigrants than Hispanic immigrants have arrived in the U.S. each year since 2010,” Pew reports. “Asians are projected to become the largest immigrant group in the U.S. by 2055, surpassing Hispanics.”

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  • No nation have ever experienced such rapid changes? Really? Tell that to the original peoples of South Africa and what is now known as Canada, the United States, Alaska, Australia, etc. Not to mention Mexico which actually extended up into this country at one time.

    Since there is absolutely no racism in this country toward minorities who complain constantly about nothing, what’s the problem?

    Maybe the problem this white woman expressed at work about her fears of her daughter going to the Philippines. Her reasonings when I asked? Her daughter would be a minority there. It was a visit. She wasn’t going to live and work there. She also went on to mention a stopover in Puerto Rico once during lunch. Another coworker from there, turned to her in interest sand a smile, thinking she would describe how beautiful and pleasant her trip.


    Totally oblivious, she went on to describe how afraid she and her daughter were. I saw the smile on that woman’s face fade as that woman babbled on about her terror. She was in the airport for gosh sakes, on a layover, but there were all these Puerto Ricans around, you know, the audacity in their own country, therefore she was terrified.


    I really wanted to pull her to the side later and say do you realize what you just said? Does that empty head of yours have anything resembling brains? Or like the other white coworker who told me her daughter complaining that she had to work with all these *black* people at her restaurant job (((shudder))). I drily said, you do know I’m standing right here, you work with me, and I’m black, right? Or the other white woman who expressed fear of accompanying me at a black club and I reminded her I was often the only black person at most of the places we had been going to without a second thought. She went, danced all night with black guys, and had a ball.

    Geez, white people.

    White people, welcome to everyone else’s world, including when you start buying up long-term residences and “gentrifying” and pushing out the black and brown residents.

    I wish I would be alive when half this country turns brown.

    White tears and fears. You’re not so special. Just think of it as *colonization* and get over yourselves.

    Maybe Jupiter will be available soon.

    • David Andersen

      no….just no ….Meh these people are too much. I can say my life would be awfully dull and empty were it not for the other countries I’ve lived in and visited. My diverse social group is what truly defines me as a person. People are missing out on life when they put on their blinders and cross their arms. It’s sad

    • MEH-I LOVE your assiduous perspective and humor,. LMAO. Mars and the moon had better open up so white folKKKs will have someplace to gentrify. ET and his family– be forewarned. The white folKKKs are coming; the white folKKKs are coming!!

  • If this happened to my town, I would be happy that it has been revitalized. Why would a normal person be upset if Latino’s came to save their town? This was again another sad attempt by FOX news to pretend it is a news show. I don’t know of one intelligent person who listens to FOX.

  • Trump keeps denigrating immigrants who are poor and undereducated. Wonder how he feels about his grandfather who came here poor and undereducated. Id grandpa Drumf . . . the actual Trump name . . . lil old Donald would probably be just some burgermeister in a lil old German town. Donald should be kissing grandpa’s feet and praising him to high heaven for getting him here!!

    • Or his (current, cheated upon) wife. Coming in under a “genius visa” (“models” from Slovenia aren’t attractive to serial pu$$y hounds for their minds) and bringing in her relatives via “chain immigration”.

      • Dropping by for your daily douche reminder. Limp wristed liberal beta male and a hypocrite to boot.

        • What is it with you and the gay stuff? You must be worried about it, like Vice President Pence with his Anderson Cooper hair and that poor woman he drags around with him like a talisman.

          Do you call your wife “mother”?

  • More change than human beings are able to digest? How about Africans being stacked their own feces on slave ships by white savages being more change that any human could digest? Because white people are LAZY, slaves and now Mexican immigrants are needed to do their dirty work! If the Mexicans arrived earlier, the mining wouldn’t have been in a state of decline because, unlike lazy-az white folKKKs, they work and are worked like African slaves.

    Ignorant whites [Republicans] have ALWAYS believed their own delusional, psychopathic bullsh!t about every race except themselves.

  • In simple terms, Tucker Carlson is a no account racist A-hole. Racist people find a home at Fox, but maybe for not many more years. Once Rupert Murdock dies and Fox reverts to the sons, I don’t see a job for people like Tucker Carlson. The sons took down the sexual harassers, and the racist are next.

  • Nayanika Nath

    The most ironic thing is USA was not native country of whites. The natives are the American Indians. Why forget your own nation’s history??? The whites are Britishers. The British colonized the whole world….aren’t children taught history in american schools?? The British belong to England. Not America. My God!! For goodness the British snatched America from the natives and are the original immigrants

    • you are exactly right Nayanika, and no, they do not teach real history in school. I might be embarrassing to some.

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