Career Advice for High Potential Women (Part II)

Abbott's Sarah Schmit and GM's Tonya Hallett give career advice on topics ranging from being open to taking on new roles and what to do when you don't get the role you wanted to how to find a mentor and how to manage work/life integration.


  • Sarah Schmit, Divisional Vice President, Human Resources, Abbott
  • Tonya Hallett, HR Executive Director-Global Manufacturing, General Motors


  • 00:02:38 – Having the Mindset That You Are a High Potential
  • 00:06:20 – Being Open to Taking on New Roles
  • 00:10:08 – What to Do if You Don’t Get The Role You Want
  • 00:15:15 – How to Mentor High Potential Women
  • 00:18:24 – Advice for Mentees
  • 00:26:58 – What to Focus on When Looking for a Mentor
  • 00:31:14 – What to Think About When Considering Relocation or a Geographic Change
  • 00:39:42 – How to Manage Work/Life Integration
  • 00:47:14 – Q&A

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