Taking Credit for Record Low Black Unemployment Rates is Racist

Trump tweet from Sunday morning: “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!"


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Donald Trump taking credit for record-low unemployment rates is racist.

The economic recovery is proceeding along the same pace it has been since former President Barack Obama was in office, and Black unemployment is following the same pattern. Put a straight edge across either unemployment or the economy and you will see the truth. Momentum, not the “stable genius” of Trump, is responsible. And it’s racist to point out that Black people are doing “better than ever before” because they still aren’t close to how well white people are doing, economically or by employment rate. It’s racist because it demonstrates Trump’s low expectations for Black people.

Trump should get credit for not screwing up. The economy is proceeding along the pace that Obama set it on. Trump has not screwed it up yet, but this is much like his personal wealth: he would have roughly the same amount of money he claims to have now have, if he simply invested his inheritance in treasury bills. Trump exhibits the same magical thinking of most inherited-money narcissists. Anything good is to his credit.

But the stubborn fact remains: progress for Black Americans has been stalled for decades and remains stalled. At no point in this recovery did the gap between Black and white unemployment close. It’s the same old story — the recovery takes longer and isn’t as good for Black people in America.

First fired, last hired

This is nothing to be proud of. The long-term solutions are difficult — education by outcome must be the same for all Americans (within one standard deviation). That means more money is going to be spent on poor white West Virginians and poor Black Mississippians. Where is the money going to come from? Trump’s constant stolen valor nonsense holds the key: we need a smarter military, not a bigger one. We spend more on our military than the next eight nations added together. We spend more on nuclear weapons every year than we do a tertiary education. The point is that there is plenty of money.

Van Jones may want to give Trump credit, but none is deserved.

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  • What is also racist about this is the implication that a low unemployment rate somehow “makes up for” all the racist actions and policies of Trump and his administration. And that blacks should be “happy” and accept the racism since we’ve in effect been bought off. This is in many ways worse.

    My response to Trump is throwing out crumbs and calling it cake is not good enough. Get back to us when you’ve wiped out the historical and accepted disparity between the black and white unemployment rate.

  • Not one black person on the planet thinks that trump golfing, lying, cheating, stealing, swamp filling, obstructing, vacationing, and race baiting has anything to do with the upward trend of employment that has been steady because of Obama’s policies.

    We can’t stand that fat fraud.

  • Greg Thrasher

    In Boston the net worth of a Black Bostonian is $8.00!!!!!!!!!

    The wealth gap is getting wider between Black and White families. The numbers of Black CEO suites in the corporate sector has not grown .

    The Beat Goes On…..


  • Van Jones is Omarosa in drag and Clarence ThomAss without the black robe (he has the stereotypical “Sambo” grin though).

    O’Bama or tRump couldn’t take credit for this blatant LIE of low Black unemployment. The only ones who can take credit for this LIE are the WHITE LIARS who lie for the narcissitic egomaniac tRump and the black Uncle TOMS like Van Jones who disseminate and perpetuate this HEINOUS LIE.

    Most Blacks got so discouraged with that half-white O’Bamination’s “do-nothing” approach for Black unemployment, they either:

    3. TOOK A MINIMUM WAGE SLAVE JOB AND FORCED ON A 21st CENTURY PLANTATION (with advanced college degrees)

    Save that LIE for Mickey mouse

  • What is the second graph showing? It’s certainly not UN-employment. What is being graphed on the vertical axis? Oh. It’s the stock market. I had to go elsewhere to find that out.

    • Let’s not forget about the WHITE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of all those WHITE CONTRACTORS
      whose businesses collapsed, because The Dumpty Donmeister did NOT pay them for their work.
      Then, the Dumpy Trump counter-sued these people who had rightly brought legal torts against
      Dumpy Donster–that’s how you wrack up over 3500 LAWSUITS in thirty years!

      For all that Bromance Luv with Putin, The Trumpty-Dump ain’t got nary a HOTEL in Moscow to show for it!
      Sleepin’ and slummin’ with the Russian Oligarchs don’t gitchu nowheres…..

  • Terry Gottlieb

    He doesn’t view Blacks, Browns , natives, Muslims, Jews as people. They are functionaries to be used. Even Jared’s time will come. He is everything our constitutionally framers despised.

  • Leaders give credit where credit is due. The former president’s humility and leadership will not be forgotten. One can only hope that History will recall the real story behind the rise of the stock market, declines in unemployment and the trajectory that this great man placed the nation on. Dems don’t market achievement well. I hope the American people will remember and pray, pray, pray, for the nation and for 45.

  • That’s a hefty declaration by any public servant whether its President Obama or Trump. Black America is an inclusive category to include African Americans, African immigrants, Afro-Latinx and African Europeans residing in this country. So combining all of these groups, it would appear to many that Black America’s situation is better. But knowing most Americans consciously or unconsciously interchange African American in place of Black America, the lack of strength and energy in African American community is totally erased and many times often ignored by conservatives, liberals, moderates, GOP and Dems.

    Second point, President Trump has every right to claim this as a victory even though he had no part to play in it. It’s the standard for any president to claim what is good as their own doing if it happened while their administration governed. But for me this is irrelevant.

    Third point, the most relevant point. Everyone’s down on President Trump need to take a hard look at President Obama in respect to African Americans. Flint Michigan, loss of actual wealth, police brutality in the face of zero police reform or attempt at it, decline in home ownership and many other factors were what African Americans faced under the “First Black President of the United States”. I’m only saying increase and/or maintain the intensity for all elected officials. Don’t get so caught up with because someone is Black and someone is White. Meaningful overtures to the African American community is all I care for as an African American. The same should hold true for others who are African Americans.

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